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Marketing Strategies In The Hotel - Part One

Marketing Strategies In The Hotel - Part One

Which marketing strategy is right for your hotel? Do you want to have a strong and effective marketing strategy, such as the one used by large hotel chains? At the first step, it's best to know that marketing is sales and promotion of your hotel rooms and other services that you offer to your guests. The use of 4-section marketing mix (Mix Marketing) can be the best way to achieve the desired  result in implementing your marketing plans. These four parts are as follows:  1 - Product  2 - Price 3 - Place 4 - Promotion  Part One - Product Make your guest stay at your hotel a memorable experience and always make sure that you are around 100% in line with your guests expectations.  These expectations include a comfortable sleep, access to decent food, free internet and courteous staff. Do you already have these features? In the second step, you can ask yourself what makes your hotel different from other competitors? How often do your guests share an experience of your hotel with friends and family? Choose a unique personality for your hotel; a lasting icon that you can extend from the panel to small details. If you are lucky, the guests will feel satisfied and will remember you for a long time. A small example of this satisfaction is the photos taken during your stay in your hotel and social media, and write positive reviews of your hotel on social networks. This is your first and best marketing tool! 

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