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Helia Hotels Group

The owner of Helia Hotel Group was born in 1956 on Mashhad. During his college, he was doing trade and commercial activities. From 1987 along with doing commercial activities, he commenced constructing residential units and buildings for tourism intentions, simultaneously he steps into tourism, hotel construction, and hospitality fields that constructing 8 hotels in Mashhad and Kish is the result of his 30 years continuous activity in this industry. From 2010, along with especial activities in hospitality development, such as branding, codification, and programming, Helia Hotel Group have done activities as follow. Helia Hotel Group centralized its activities in three sections; construction and development, management leadership and sale & reservation. Helia Hotel Group has its own independent management under the supervision of managing director, operating structure for support department and services for purchase, equip and provision of necessities. In strategic management, the section has centralized managements in pilgrimage-tourism section in Mashhad and recreational tourism at Kish hotels. Also in this regards in sale and marketing sections. Subsidiary companies; Atrin and Sobhan Web Reserve Kish are centrally managing the reservation office. Also deliver services in customer club that is active in 3 sections; companies, agencies and faithful customers CONTACT  ReservasionDOTIR  Reservasion    076 444 248 60  Moj & Darya Blve, Kish

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